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Loxahatchee Candles

Sea Turtle Car Air Freshener

Sea Turtle Car Air Freshener

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At Loxahatchee Candles, we handcraft each and every one of our car air fresheners with care and attention to detail. Made with scented aroma beads, our air fresheners are safe to use in your vehicle and won't melt or cause any damage.

Our sea turtle-themed air freshener is a perfect way to show your support for these amazing creatures and the efforts to protect them. Sea turtles are an integral part of marine ecosystems, but they face many challenges and threats, including habitat loss, pollution, and fishing practices. By purchasing one of our sea turtle air fresheners, you can help raise awareness and support organizations working to protect these magnificent animals.

You can hang our air fresheners from your rearview mirror, and enjoy the pleasant scent for up to 2-3 weeks (although many customers have reported that they last even longer). If you have any specific color or scent preferences, we're happy to accommodate them.

Experience the fresh, inviting scent of our handcrafted car air fresheners for yourself. Order now and let us help you keep your vehicle smelling great while supporting a great cause.
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